Completed Buildings House Villa Rural Nature Shortlist 2020 2021

A+Architecture, Monte Caliça Eco-House, Grândola, Portugal
ACME, Bumpers Oast, Kent, United Kingdom
Alison Brooks Architects, Windward House, London, United Kingdom
Crosson Architects, Light Mine, Kuaotunu, New Zealand
Crosson Architects, Shapeshifter House, Omaha Beach, New Zealand
doT & associates, House ½, Taoyuan City, Taiwan
fmd architects, Coopworth, Bruny Island, Australia
George Gregory in collaboration with Nat Cheshire, Cheshire Architects, Waiheke House, Auckland City, New Zealand
kropka studio / klub architekci, house in the mountains, Bielsko Biała, Poland
k-studio, Villa Mandra, Mykonos, Greece
odd+, A House in the Andes, Puembo, Ecuador
PARTISANS, Fold House, Toronto, Canada
research and enquiry into design, A home in the clouds, Khopoli, India
RTA Studio, Buckleton's Boat Shed, Auckland, New Zealand
Studio Lotus, Villa in the Woods, Uttarakhand, India
studio mk27, SAND HOUSE, Trancoso - Bahia, Brazil

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