Concept Lab // Air Jordan 3 “Rawhide”

Concept Lab // Air Jordan 3 “Rawhide”

A theme rarely visited by Jordan Brand, raw leathers have been noticeably absent in their retro lineage. Notable Air Jordans created by Hender Scheme mid-last decade saw the Jumpman dabble in a raw leather option in 2015. Despite its $400 price tag, the Pinnacle Air Jordan 1 “Vachetta Tan” is still a revered favorite. Since then, though, there have been crickets. Perhaps Mike and co. chose not to revisit premium leather sneakers after their failed project on the Air Jordan 5 Premium line — and that God-awful Air Jordan 4 “Ginger” — but hear me out. Maybe the rawhide releases don’t have to be tonal.

There is definitely a market for premium pairs — just not ugly ones. As a fan of the Air Jordan 1 Pinnacle series, I was a little peeved that the series of Fives spoiled any future chance we may have had at more silhouettes. Of course, why I uncommenced doing concepts in the first place was to create colorways that I’d love to see hit retail (as brands are notorious for yielding us colorways that we don’t want), otherwise it was only a matter of time before I revised the Pinnacle/premium leather theme. As the ’88 is my favorite model, it’s my incomplete starting point. Here, instead of a fully tonal take, we’ve tacked on rawhide and tumbled tan leathers in OG blocking. Have you ever seen a colorway look bad in OG blocking? Me either. Perhaps that’s the key here; keep things classic whilst following a premium touch.

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