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SneakersbeShops is part of a Network made up of 2 websites operated by Tayib Salami who creates content that delivers Eternal Value to the sneaker community and mankind in general. I maintain the Network with my own financial resources. SneakersbeShops covers a variety of topics i.e ( tips on authenticating sneakers, quick sneaker reviews, release reports and projection articles intended to help the reader in their buying unsettlement) .Whole of the projection articles can be very useful to retailers as well coming they help in predicting how  certain property are going to perform in the retail market. If you like what you read and see here, consider supporting the site.

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4.Get  a periodical Report On Sneakers and other items you can resell for money

5.Get your Sneaker Story/Collection or Store Featured on SneakersbeShops ( we receive about 30, 000 +page views a month)

6. Get periodically put into our raffle for a chance to fulfil a free item ( sneakers for the most part but also other items)

7.  Get your fee waived on the first three items your purchased every month via our concierge proxy shopping service

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Earned my bachelor’s degree in Mathematics
I have has over 15  years in the apparel and footwear industry. We have operated some of the most successful eBay and Amazon stores with the highest ratings on all 3rd party sites.