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When I first saw the nike roches for women cheap black, I assumed it was just another counterfeiter trying to cash in on the Dunk’s success. Notwithstanding, upon further compromise, I discovered that Nike was afoot with Swedish skater Oskar Rozenberg and his Oski line. Nike will always be a marketing powerhouse; the company simply knows how to retain opportunities that reach their way. A few months beyond, I posted a piece about a newer brees of knockoffs (see post below)., see post below

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Essentially, it was about counterfeiters being more careful by developing prototypes of popular Nike sneakers and branding them with their own logos. Air Kiy sneakers were the most popular ones, and reselling for as high as $400 on eBay. Because of the Air Kiys’ success, other people began to copy them, and soon, social media outlets were flooded with Nike sneaker silhouettes with all kinds of strange logos. Nike, I’m sure, was always watching what was going on and discreetly inert to put a cease to it. Well, the brand decided to trademark most of the silhouettes that were being exploited a few months future, and several of the people engaged in the creation of these prototypes were sued.

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It’s almost as if Nike is putting the icing on the cake with this OSKI Nike SB’s. By essentially developing a shoe with a shark as its logo, the very thing  that counterfeiters were known for, the brand is roughly mocking the bootleggers. What’s more, conjecture what? I can reassure you that this sneaker will encourage all kinds of resale records. And knowing Nike, I wouldn’t be surprised if other sneakers, particularly the Jordan 1 silhouette, get the similar treatment in the near future. It’ll be fascinating to see what happens.

The upper of these OSKI Dunk is made of white  tumbled leather, with OSKI branding on the tongue obliterate. The Shark Swoosh that state on the panels stands out the most. A White midsole and matching rubber outsole complete the design.

nike roches for women cheap black Release Information

Bleach: White
Release Date:TBA
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Price: $100

nike roches for women cheap black nike roches for women cheap black

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