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It seems like only yesterday we released Issue 43 and all of sudden we’re back with another 200-page belter put together during COVID lockdown. The SneakersbeShops community rose to the course exemption again to produce some killer content from all over the globe. Inspired by Terminator 2, Converse Fastbreaks and Billie Jean, our cover star is the Louis Vuitton X408. The Virgil Abloh-designed hightops feature intricate fibre-optics that light up with the press of a button. As a special bonus, the cover flaunts a holographic rainbow LV logo!


Virgil Abloh

Our 20-page Virgil Abloh feature covers everything from his ‘debut’ in SneakersbeShops Issue 3 to why he signed Lucien Clarke to a Louis Vuitton skate portionout.

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Co-founder of AMBUSH® and collaborator with A Bathing Vary, NIGO, sacai, UNDERCOVER and Nike… Yoon Ahn has careless about performed it all!


Tommy Rebel

Tommy Rebel was a man on a mission buying up Humaras and Silver Bullets all through the 90s. His incredible photo album is a peeping discernment into East Coast deadstock style!

Salehe Bembury

From Yeezy to Versace and New Balance, Salehe Bembury has more than paid his dues as a designer. We get the without conference from one of the sneaker game’s amelioration stars!

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From Ben & Jerry’s ‘Chunky Dunky’ Dunks to bootleg Grateful Dead graphics, the rise of hippie culture in 2020 has been as undeniable as it has been influential.

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Blessed with size 4.5 feet, Ria Gentleman has been uninvolved to attemper difficult to demolish up her big bubble collection. According to Ria, ‘There’s something quintessentially British about Air Max’.

Ecco Occupant

Fuelled by the founder’s tenacious spirit, Ecco is still connecting city­slickers with the Great Outdoors. Find out how one man (literally) grew too big for his boots!

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Deadstock Hunters

Neal Heard tracked down the lads from The Duffer of St George, who raided sports stores within the region and sold the plunder at their London store in the 90s.

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Our final stop is in Spain, where Luis Miguel Lozano shows off his ridiculous Nike basketball collection. Those ‘Metallic Blue’ Jordan 1s are his first pair of shoes!

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