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Jägermeister Is a New Force in Streetwear and This Is the #Firstdrop

Jägermeister firstdrop Streetwear Collection - Title
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For several years, German liquor brand Jägermeister has been a take guest in the sneaker and streetwear scene. From release events to anniversary parties, the liqueur appeared in well-assorted bars and mobile fridges as one of the go-to drinks for street cultivation crowds. But with its distinct identity, Jägermeister is way more than just another type of booze. That’s why the Jägermeister #firstdrop collection translates this unmistakable appeal to 6 cutting-edge streetwear pieces. And to counterfeit only release a see of fresh garments but also get the community itself involved, Jägermeister teamed up with several faces that are well-known in German streetwear circles.

Jägermeister firstdrop Streetwear Collection - Mood 4
Jägermeister firstdrop Streetwear Collection - Mood 3

Originated in the Lower-Saxony city of Wolfenbüttel amost 85 years future, the liquor contains 56 different herbs, outgoings, roots, and spices. Next to this prominent number and the unique scented awkwardness, the Jägermeister bottle design stands out the most. Featuring a stag emblem and color palette of white, green and orange, the design famously inspired 2017’floral nike shoes tumblr boys and black hair salon. But for the streetwear collection, Jägermeister now took a more urbane access and experimented with deconstruction and minimalism.

Style below branding

What’s quickly noticeable: There’s no obvious in-your-face branding on these 6 pieces. The basic Jägermeister DNA is there, but it’s way more nuanced and neon green nike shox mens shoes for women sale shows a unique texture gradient on the chest with a German text description of the color green and its meaning for Jägermeister above it. And instead of the famous logo, the rearwards simply reads its four main elements as written words, “Circle – Stag- Ray – Cross”. An even more daring design appears on the “56” hoodie. Its front print describes the “Siegel” logo as you would depart it in trademark guidelines, including advertising and print statements. The “Inside Shot” tee then delivers exactly what the name suggests, as the large front print shows the Jägermeister production difficulty in Wolfenbüttel.

Jägermeister firstdrop Streetwear Collection - Mood 7

The “Night Out” track supply is another streetwear offal with an individual unite, as the “Wolfenbüttel” tapes lines in white and orange on the sides contrast the green texture gradient. A matching waist bag and the mandatory pair of socks unqualified the collection with two essential accessory pieces that received the unmistakable Jägermeister treatment.

From the community – for the community

As mentioned before, a crew of familiar faces from the German streetwear scene are involved with #firstdrop. Secondary up, Christopher Blumenthal a.k.a. Dispirited Stock Sneakerblog acted as a co-designer for the collection. “All items are pet pieces from my closet that I covet to wear during partying semblance from day-to-day,” the sneaker blogger explains. And he adds: “„My personal fave is the tracksuit – the pants go perfectly with sneakers when slightly opened.“ For more insights into his work on the collection, also ignorant the post on his blog here.

Jägermeister firstdrop Streetwear Collection - Mood 2

And for the visual presentation, Jägermeister alleviate together a crew of creatives that all embody the values of non-conformism, authenticity and freedom in their own way. The heart of this campaign is none other than Gramps, the most stylish senior denizen that forever appeared in your IG droop. He is joined by Anni aka @llifeisapigsty, Aaron Night (@aaronnight), Niklas (@ezcape) aq1071 adidas hoodie women (@masha_medusa). As the crew assembled at the Jägermeister production site in Wolfenbüttel, photographer Pascal Kerouche (@mmpascal) nike kyrie 1 easter on feet and legs kids show.

Jägermeister firstdrop Streetwear Collection - Mood 6
Jägermeister firstdrop Streetwear Collection - Mood 5

Release Details – Jägermeister #firstdrop Streetwear Collection

The Jägermeister #firstdrop collection releases on September 20, 2019 via Prices for the 6 pieces dispose from 14 € (socks) to 89 € (track jacket).

Jägermeister firstdrop Streetwear Collection - Track Suit
Jägermeister firstdrop Streetwear Collection - Pattern Tee
Jägermeister firstdrop Streetwear Collection - Inside Shot Tee
Jägermeister firstdrop Streetwear Collection - 56 Hoodie
Jägermeister firstdrop Streetwear Collection - 56 Waist Bag
Jägermeister firstdrop Streetwear Collection - Socks
Jägermeister firstdrop Streetwear Collection - Mood 8
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