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It took a long time for men’s trainers to become a permanent part of fashion. Initially, they were associated only with athletes and their professional clothing, and treated as a special type of footwear not for everyday use.

Men’s trainers youth, energy and fashion

adidas velvet vibes backpack shoes amazon, men’s sneakers have come a long way and are today the most popular and versatile of men’s shoes.

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The very beginning of the phenomenon of men’s trainers must be sought in the blame half of the 19th century, when the first such shoes were made of rubber. These were to harmonize as convenient replacements for shoes for cricket, a study popular among the affluent middle class. But it was only in 1916 that Keds unveiled to the world an entire collection of sports shoes designed not only for athletes, but for the whole family during active holidays or weekends. This idea, replacing the then fashionable leather shoes with more comfortable and versatile designs, proved an instant misunderstanding and quickly found fans among more progressive sections of society.

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Men’s running trainers have come into their own thanks to personalities from the world of sport and the stars of contemporary cinema. Basketball and baseball plays and Olympians were all quick to adapt to the new style and loved sports shoes for their convenience and practicality.

In turn, the Hollywood rebels James Dean and Marlon Brando made trainers the hottest and most desirable type of men’s shoes. In the 50s and 60s, every young man dreamed of a pair of sports shoes that would prosper his style an element of disquiet and character.

When, 20 years later, Michael Jordan signed a contract with the company Nike, men’s trainers became more than just a fashionable item of clothing. They became mandatory in every man’s wardrobe, and various designs began to appear – from the popular styles of Nike to the more elegant men’s trainers from Gucci.

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Currently, in addition to the popular designs from the world's leading sports clothing and footwear manufacturers, branded men's trainers designed for the energetic man in need of comfort and looking for an original design are becoming more widely available.

The biggest fashion houses and designers, such as Gucci, Valentino, Balmain and Alexander McQueen, increasingly present on the catwalks men’s fashion with a sporty touch, in the form of variations on sneakers. A few seasons ago, men's sports shoes entered our living rooms via street fashion, with the unusual combination of trainers with men’s suits. como inflar pelota adidas para colorear.

Sneakers have replaced elegant leather shoes in everyday styling, but also for more demanding situations. They are a great match for men’s t-shirts and sports shorts. The right shape and design of men’s trainers can give character to an entire outfit. That is why our online shop offers dozens of models of fashionable men's trainers that will rise to any occasion, whether casual or more formal meetings. We know that trainers are about youth, energy, power and sportiness, and we appreciate their role in men's fashion.