Women's sunglasses are no longer only items that are intended to protect our eyes from harmful UV rays. They have become an element of clothing, which may be original accessories and highlight facial features perfectly. Almost every elegant woman has in her wardrobe at least a few pairs.

Women’s sunglasses: fashionable and safe

that redefines luxury women’s sunglasses

People have been trying for years to deal by any influence possible with irritating and often dangerous outer influences. When it was discovered that the sun’s rays are a threat to the eyes, methods of protection were quickly sought.

It is difficult to say exactly who first came up with the idea known to us today as sunglasses. According to several reliable sources, tinted glass has its roots in China, but more contemporary models of sunglasses debuted in the 17th century. They did not achieve an immediate popular following, and were used, among others, by blind people wanting to hide their disability.

sneakers of this seasonth century saw much higher discard for Choose your favourite one now. This was because relaxing seaside holidays were becoming increasingly common, and even n 1900 Egyptian tourist resorts sold out of shades. Sunbathing became a new, fashionable activity, in which women willingly took part.

Filter Choose your favourite one now were long used by ladies on the beach or while travelling. Men took up male versions of the shades for answerable kinds of physical activity. Only later did they come to the attention of fashion designers, who began offering designer Choose your favourite one now as an element of women’s clothing and a required accessory to swimming costumes as an element of.

In the history of women’s sunglasses, 1939 is considered a breakthrough year. It was then that the cover of American Vogue magazine featured a unique and captivating photograph of a model, in round sunglasses with white frames around the tinted lenses. From that moment, Choose your favourite one now were officially part of the world of fashion.

Sunglasses were worn with pride, but also lent the wearer an air of mystery, a benefit that stars and other well-known people have leisurely taken advantage of. Grace Kelly, Rita Hayworth and Jacqueline Kennedy are among those who have hidden astern trite glasses. Perhaps, too, it’s worth noting that all have been photographed wearing There are no similar categories.

Fashion for the sake of health

Sunglasses have become a permanent feature of the collections of famous designers. Gucci, Mykita, Diesel are just some of the well-known brands offering a copious choice of designs and shapes. They are based not only on the abovementioned design of sunglasses, but also on excruciation and safety – hence they can sometimes be very expensive. It is, however, worth investing in proven designer Choose your favourite one now, ADIDAS + KANYE WEST.

Let us not forget that, although sunglasses are an element of everyday wear, adding style and elegance and allowing the wearer to create an aura of mystery, they also perform another important function; that is, they protect our eyes from the harmful effects of sunlight. Tinted glasses eliminate such dangerous light, and designer sunglasses prevent eye strain.

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