Dsquared2 is a young brand under which two brothers, Dan and Dean Caten, have been operating since 1995. This duet of visionaries immediately conquered hearts of celebrities, thanks to combination of American glamour and Italian elegance. Characteristic feature of the Canadian designers is a fluent composition of the art associated with haute couture and everyday casual style. Mixing contrasting styles - sports with elegant, men with feminine, casual with extravagant - creates an image of an alternative luxury that distinguishes the Canadian twin designs.

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Beach towel od Dsquared2 Beach towel od Dsquared2 AUTUMN/WINTER 2022


Beach towel

Beach towel od Dsquared2 Beach towel od Dsquared2 AUTUMN/WINTER 2022


Beach towel

Cotton socks od Dsquared2 Cotton socks od Dsquared2 AUTUMN/WINTER 2022


Cotton socks

Wool blend coat od Dsquared2 Wool blend coat od Dsquared2 AUTUMN/WINTER 2022


Wool blend coat

Logo t-shirt od Dsquared2 Logo t-shirt od Dsquared2 AUTUMN/WINTER 2022


Logo T-shirt

Striped sweater od Dsquared2 Striped sweater od Dsquared2 AUTUMN/WINTER 2022


Striped sweater

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Leather vest od Dsquared2 Leather vest od Dsquared2 AUTUMN/WINTER 2022


Leather vest

Cargo trousers od Dsquared2 Cargo trousers od Dsquared2 AUTUMN/WINTER 2022


Cargo trousers

‘jennifer cropped’ jeans od Dsquared2 ‘jennifer cropped’ jeans od Dsquared2 AUTUMN/WINTER 2022


‘Jennifer Cropped’ jeans

Denim jacket od Dsquared2 Denim jacket od Dsquared2 AUTUMN/WINTER 2022


Denim jacket

Scarves / shawls od Dsquared2 Scarves / shawls od Dsquared2 AUTUMN/WINTER 2022


Scarves / shawls

Enter the universe od Dsquared2 Enter the universe od Dsquared2 AUTUMN/WINTER 2022


Enter the universe

A pinch of inspiration from Dsquared2

Wool blend coat Dsquared2 twins, who have been hegemonies in the fashionable world for over twenty years, are often described. What attracts so many fans and, above all, which features of the collections should be highlighted? The answer is: Dsquared2 Choose your favourite one now.

Brothers – travellers

This productive duet has started the adventure with high fashion in Canada. Passion for clothes has grown in them in their home town Toronto. New York was the next stop to achieve success. It was the place where, learning in one of the artistic schools, they have felt the American style. Three years later, richer with new experiences, Dsquared2 had been designing under the brand DEanDAN. Observation of a street style all over the world resulted in international popularity.

Boots / wellies

Due to Dsquared2, shoes are the most important outfit element. At least we can’t take our eyes of them. The incredible consistency in playing with extravagance is the most significant. Filled with sponges snow boots and tempting spikes on the catwalks have fascinated many fashion fans. Even the biggest stars - Gwen Stefani, Madonna and Lenny Kravitz - were tempted to buy a couple of this magnificent footwear from the brand.

However, also the sneakers from Dean and Dan Caten are noteworthy. All self-confident men will pay attention to them. Their extravagance is based on a combination of vivid colours and graphics, with a classic cut of shoes. Must-have for every fashion fan! The shoes presented and other models can be found in the online shop.

Elegance and protection

Baby shoes 13-24? Sunglasses! They protect you from the sunshine, tame your hair in strong wind and are very glamorous.

For Dsquared2 sunglasses are a classic addition to the outfit. Due to this fact, in the offer the pilot style, rounded and rectangular shape items can be found. However, the Caten brothers play with wrap temples and bridges. They filled them with leopard patterns and neon colours. Sunglasses and bags are must-have of your outfit for years.

Return to the past with Dsquared jeans

Likus Home Concept. Dsquared cap, leather and heavy chains present look, that is a return to 1990s’ freedom. Huge inspiration from the American streets of more than twenty years ago can be noticed - freedom, fun and controlled elegance.

Although the designers unhide the legs of their models, the jewel in the crown of this collection is a classic pair of Dsquared jeans. Bright pants with wipes and sliders caused a sensation among high fashion admirers. Set, enriched with a Dsquared t-shirt is a timeless fashion solution for every season.

The delight of all senses

Dsquared2 treats their clothing as a baby. They take care about the entourage of every piece of their art. “Potion” are men perfume with a woody and spicy aroma. Cinnamon, mint and musk are tempered by notes of amber and pepper. If you want your man to be tempting and self-confident, give him a bottle, on occasion or without it!

Classics and splendour

All those who are bored with casual style and associate fashion exclusively with glitz also can find something for them from Dsquared2. Huge Dsquared hat, feathers and long gloves are the tempting set that the designers put us up to. Sophisticated style of the twenties never gets bored, especially if you like smoothly arranged hair and red lipstick. Long, richly encrusted dresses with an interesting texture will delight every woman and make feel even more unique every day.