Landscape Nature Context Shortlist 2020 2021

ANTAO, Liangzhu 20th Anniversary Renewal Plan, Hangzhou, China
BATLLE I ROIG ARQUITECTURA, Pedestrian connection between Barcelona and Montcada, Barcelona, Spain
BATLLE I ROIG ARQUITECTURA, Path of the Forest, Roques Blanques Park Cemetery, El Papiol, Barcelona, Spain
Beijing Forestry University / Atelier DYJG, Quarry Gardens in Nanning Garden Expo Park, Nanning, China
DDON Planning & Design Inc., Lakeshore Forest Park of Hefei City, Hefei, China
ECOLAND Planning and Design Corp. / Sichuan Provincial Architectural Design and Research Institute CO.,LTD., From a Concrete Riverbank to a Vibrant Riverfront Park——Suining South Riverfront Park, Sichuan Suining, China
ENOTA d.o.o., Koper Central Park, Koper, Slovenia
LOLA Landscape Architects; Land+Civilization Compositions; TALLER Architects, Guangming Forest Sports Park, Shenzhen, China
Prismatica Arquitectura, Urbanizacion Costa Susana - La más Austral del mundo, Ushuaia, Argentina
Shenzhen L&A Design Holding Limited, Hongshan Lake Civil Park, Anshun, Guizhou Province, China
Shenzhen L&A Design Holding Limited, Wuhan OCT Wetland Park, Wuhan, China
Sichuan Provincial Architectural Design and Research Institute, Qinglong Lake Park, Chengdu, China
Turenscape, Deep Form of Designed Nature: Sanya Mangrove Park, Sanya City, China

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