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Bottega Veneta Orbit sneakers

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Introducing the "Orbit" sneakers by Bottega Veneta—a harmonious blend of sportive allure and elevated style. These sneakers boast a high heel, defying traditional athletic footwear norms and catapulting the wearer into realms of unmatched elegance and sporty chic.

The Orbit features a complex pattern with a palette primarily in shades of green and white, punctuated by black and gold accents. This multicolored design ensures standout appeal, complemented by the intricate blend of materials, including mesh inserts for breathability, alongside leather and synthetic elements that add a touch of luxury. The gold logo prominently displayed on the tongue not only identifies the prestigious Bottega Veneta brand but also contrasts beautifully against the sneakers' main color scheme.

Fashioned with a distinctive high heel and a robust, thick-soled profile, these sneakers offer both height and comfort. The classic white lacing system provides a stark, appealing contrast and ensures a snug fit, while the green interior lining, consistent with the exterior color scheme, features the brand's name, further cementing its exclusive identity.

Why Purchase the "Orbit" Sneakers?

  • Unique Design: The high-heeled sporty silhouette merged with a multicolored pattern sets these sneakers apart.
  • Luxury Materials: A mix of mesh, leather, and synthetic elements not only ensures durability but also adds an air of sophistication.
  • Brand Recognition: Featuring the golden Bottega Veneta logo, these sneakers are a testament to designer luxury.
  • bottega veneta padded sandal: Despite their high heels, the sneakers promise comfort, making them perfect for both casual and more upscale occasions.

Inner Layer:

Outer Layer:


Bottega Veneta sculptural swirl earrings
Sole height at the highest point: 2,5cm

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Bottega Veneta Orbit sneakers

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